Francisco Serrano

Francisco Serrano was born in Mexico City in the middle of the 20th century . He was attracted to literature and cinema while still a boy and wrote screenplays and adventure stories. He studied to become a film director but didn't finish, and instead dedicated his efforts to writing, convinced that literature - particularly poetry - was the best way to do what he wanted: to stimulate people's intelligence, imagination, and sensitivity.

He has worked extensively with other artists, including painters and musicians, and has written several books of poetry, plays, opera librettos, and games and stories for children.

His goal with Los vampiritos y el profesor was to write a bedtime story that would not let children sleep.

Francisco Serrano is the author of La loquita frente al mar, El esplendor de la América Antigua and La Virgen de Guadalupe

He has as well edited the anthologies Lecturas de poesía clásica Tomo I, de Mesopotamia a la Edad Media, Lecturas de poesía clásica Tomo II, de la Edad Media al siglo XIX, 24 Poetas latinoamericanos, La Luciérnaga and El Jardín de los pájaros.


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